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novoflow® Dynamic Cross-Flow-Filtration*

for wine, beer and juices



novoflow® is your specialist for filtration applications. Thanks to decades of experience and state-of-the-art process technologies, we supply highly technical and high-quality products. We offer filtration based on ceramics filter elements, hollow fibre filtration as well as drying and electro-chemical water preparation treatment, a comprehensive product range for many different markets and applications. 

At our production site in Rain am Lech, Germany, we develop and produce plants for the pharmaceutics/biotechnology industry, the chemical industry, the food industry, industrial and municipal sewage treatment, oil and biogas/fermentation residue treatment as well as for other industries.

Our filtration experts select, develop and install the appropiate technology in close cooperation with the customer and provide the optimal adaptions to the customer´s requirements.

State of the art products and high customer satisfaction thus have been the basis for the success of novoflow® for many years.

produced by novoflow
Innovative by research
Bavarian Export Award 2015
ISO Certified
Bavarian State Award for Innovation 2005/2008


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