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left: Fresh juice after flotation - right: Concentrated lees


Dynamic Cross-Flow-Filtration*

for wine, beer and juices



For Concentration and for clarification

Clarification of cider, wine and juices. Practicable also for new wines  - with or without gelatine treatment. Test plants available for rent. All Plants and test plants available in many different sizes.

Process:                             Combination of centrifugal and shear forces for optimal cover layer control

Filtration performance:    50 up to 20.000 liters per hour


Operating mode


A membrane stack, mounted on and rotated by a hollow shaft, inside a pressure vessel (called module). Filtration is performed from outside to inside through the membrane layer coating on the filter discs; the filtrate/permeate is collected inside the filter discs and discharged via hollow shaft. Fixed baffles inside the pressure vessel generate turbulences. Modular design: Easy scale up and scale down, automatic back flushing and CIP-compatible.

left: Concentrate of fining 70 % v/v, right: filtrate

Advantages and special properties


  • Turbidity reduction significantly below 1 NTU
  • No additives needed, quality maintained
  • With the use of ceramic discs, migration effects from such as softening agents in polymers and their potential effects on taste are eliminated
  • Flavour conservation by smooth rotating filtration
  • Oxygen input is largely avoided since plant is operated under pressure
  • Easy cleaning
  • Substantial energy savings (reduced service and operating costs)

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The alternative solution to presses and conventional filters


novoflow® Dynamic cross-flow-filtration is becoming more popular among wine experts. This additive-free, continuous operation provides qualitative and economic advantages over centrifuges and pressing processes during the various stages of clarification, which is an important step in the winemaking process. lt determines taste, flavor, appearance and thus quality and commercial success of the wine.


10 to 20 % of the wine produced remains in the sediments and requires further treatment. Traditionally rotary filters and filter presses are being used for this purpose. But novoflow is introduced an innovative technologies on a  large scale, called dynamic cross-flow filtration using ceramic membranes.


High content of suspended solids


novoflow® Dynamic Cross-Flow-Filtration (NDCF), also called single shaft disk filtration (SSDF), is preferably used when a liquid with high suspended solids content is filtered. This is the case for juice and grape juice clarification before fermentation. The clarification by ceramic membranes frees the grape juice from microorganisms, deposits and other ingredients that cause turbidity which may be present on the grape skins. In this way an uncontrolled fermentation and the occurrence of undesirable odors and flavours are avoided.

lf grape juice is obtained by means of screw presses, the goal of clarification with NDCF is to completely remove suspended solids. Another alternative is to start with a settling step of the grape juice, combine the supernatant together with the grape juice recovered from the sediment by the NDCF filter and bring the streams together to fermentation. In this case the process is slower because the amount of solids is larger.

NDCF filtration is superior to conventional technologies for wine clarification because no additives are needed which may have operational risks such as dust formation and cause higher costs for waste disposal. NDCF filtration requires less water and furthermore cleaning is also easier.


        Almost no introduction of oxygen to the process


The novoflow® NDCF filter combines substantially higher filtration performance with significantly reduced service and opera­ting costs. At the same time the specific energy consumption is relatively low. The NDCF filter is operated with ceramic discs under pressure so that oxygen intake is substantially reduced. This is essential for purification of oxygen sensitive wines, grape or fruit juices.


The NDCF is easy to clean and fully CIP compatible. Low energy consumption is achieved by decoupling pressure from cross flow velocity. Main applications of the NDCF filter include wineries and fruit juice producers. The versatile, multifunctional NDCF filter is used for juicing, clarification and sediment treatment.



novoflow® Dynamic cross-flow-filtration systems with ceramic membranes become an indispensable support in the wine cellar. They are used for the following applications:


  1. Grape juice clarification before fermentation (Replacement of flotation sediments)
  2. Wine clarification during the first and second tapping and simultaneous replacement of the subsequent novoflow® cross-flow filtration
  3. Wine polishing before bottling with traditional inline filtration
  4. Wine tartar removal after stabilization

The NDCF filter generates centrifugal forces, shear forces and turbulence to separate solids from the liquid compo­nents of grape juice or wine. The raw product is fed into a stainless steel vessel containing a stack of ceramic discs rotating at a circumferential velocity of about 7 m/sec. By applying centrifugal forces, particles of higher density are kept away from the membrane surface.

novoflow® provides filtration systems for filtrate/permeate volumes of 50 - 20.000 liter/h. These filters ensure reduction of wine turbidity below 1 NTU. A continuous stream of thickened sludge with a content of about 20 % suspended solids flows out of the NDCF. Therefore the loss of wine is kept at a minimum. On the other hand, the feed system reduces mechanical stress by shear forces on yeast and sediment particles and at the same time minimizes air input.


The use of displacement pumps guarantees gentle treatment of the product. Also, through the use of ceramic filter discs with a cut-off of < = 0.2 micron, sterile filtration and a clear filtrate from the first second on are guaranteed.

Use the advantages


novoflow® NDCF filters are used for continuous extraction of white grape juices, for clarification of certain red wines (after thermo vinification), drinks and fruit juices and for continuous treatment of tank sediments. NDCF filters are espe­cially economical for clarification of grape juices and wines since this process is improving the organoleptic characteristics of the wine and at the same time reduces the amount of filtration cycles. Even very new wines can be clarified shortly after harvest with or without gelatin treatment.

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