left: concentrate of fining 70 % v/v, right: Filtrate

The Energy-Saving novoflow® Dynamic

Cross-Flow Filter   * NDCF

  • Filter-aid free alternative to the vacuum or to the press-filters for juice and wine lees, as well as fruit juices but also wines

  • Cross-flow filtration is actuated with a series of rotary discs mounted on a stack and spin within the product to be filtered

  • Self cleaning process

  • The discs are accessible, inspectable and exchangeable one by one

  • automatic integrity test possible

  • The filtered product can be bottled directly as with a traditional cross-flow filter

  • No red color reduction (Abs at 520nm)

  • Very high solids concentration in the retentate up of to 80 % vol/vol

  • No oxygen pick-up (with a very limited nitrogen sparging)

  • Low energy process

  • High nominal flowrates (30-50 l/m2h with a 30% vol/vol product)

  • Long filtration cycles (up to 100 hours or more without any cleaning)

left: Apple juice filtrate, right: Trub

Advantages and special properties


  • Rotary discs generate a turbulent speed inside the product to be filtered: this prevents the building up of plugging layers which reduce filtration flow
  • Extremely high tangential speed, due to the high rotation velocity: up to 400 rpm (efficient cleaning of the discs´ surface)
  • Very low energy requirement (compared to the conventional cross flow techniques)
  • Uniform feed pressure in the membrane
  • Very low trans-membrane pressure (max 1,5 bar)
  • Strong self-cleaning effect on the membranes
  • Smart back-wash
  • Compact modular design
  • The membrane discs are mounted on a hollow shaft
  • The permeate penetrates through the ceramic disc and is then collected and discharged through the shaft
  • Ceramic disc rotation generates a high speed inside the product to be filtered
  • The particularly high turbulence minimizes cake formation on the membranes
  • Moreover the centrifugal force acts on cake layers and removes them in outwards direction continuously
  • SSDF filtration spins its plates inside the product to be filtered but leaves it almost steady
  • high cross flow speed indipendend from pressure
  • constant pressure across the entire modules
  • reduced input power
  • Higher solids concentration in the retentate, up to 80% vol/vol vs max 40% vol/vol
  • Lees recovery of up to 85-95%
  • No clogging, doe to the discs assembled on stainles steel disdance rings
  • Limited temperature pick-up (process is carried on at ambient temperature)
  • Easier cleaning procedure (just with sprayed water or lightchemicals concentrations)
  • Washing water volume is reduced by up to 90%
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